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We offer a range of services but can appreciate that tree surgery jargon can be a little bit confusing. Below is a list of some of the most popular services that we offer.

Our highly knowledgeable tree surgery consultants will be happy to advise our clients on how to best achieve their goals.

All of our tree surgeons are professional, polite and respectful of our clients, their needs and their property.

Crown Reductions & Re-shapes

A reduction of the crown involves reducing the canopy of the tree by a specific amount i.e 30%. In reducing a tree the end result should be a symmetrically balanced canopy. This is both aesthetically pleasing and for most trees is in keeping with the tree’s natural shape. Other benefits of a reduction are to gain more light from over the top, around the sides and through the tree in the form of dappled light. It also reduces the threat of windsail, which can be of concern with tall or large trees. The benefits to the tree from a reduction is that it re-invigorates the tree and encourages it to send out epicormic (new) shoots which can be especially important if there is die back within the crown.

Tree Felling

Felling can be done in two ways – straight felling or via a section fell. A straight fell will only be carried out if the surrounding space allows. A section fell involves removing the branches one at a time and lowering them to the ground before removing the trunk (also in sections if necessary). This is a useful method of felling in tight and confined spaces.


We can purchase and plant most trees, shrubs and hedging as well as offering advice on species in relation to the location for planting.


Dead-wooding is simply the removal of any dead, dying or diseased branches throughout the crown. This is especially important if the tree is growing in a public domain as these branches are naturally weak and carry a danger of breaking and potentially endangering lives and property.

Tree Maintentance

Tree maintenance is normally carried out on a 3-5 year schedule (dependent on the tree species and its position). This generally involves reducing, lifting, and dead wooding trees to contain their growth and protect residents and pedestrians. Tree maintenance is also useful for newly planted trees to help train them into balanced and strong trees for their future years.


We are experienced in working for commercial clients and businesses. One of our clients has been using our services for over 11 years. We will provide all risk assessments and method statements and will provide proof of public liability and waste carriers licence upon request.


Thinning is the even removal of sub branches (small branches) throughout the canopy which increases light through the tree whilst maintaining the original shape and size of the tree.


This involves raising the canopy by the removal of the lowest branches either to achieve a uniform height or for access, which for pedestrians on a public footpath is 2.5m/8ft or for vehicles on a public highway is 5.2m/17ft.


Pollarding refers to the removal of all the branches of a tree, leaving only the main trunk in place. Sometimes this can be necessary if you have a badly misshapen and unbalanced crown. This can occur through storm damage or through a crown that has been partly suppressed due to close proximity to buildings or other trees.

The re-growth after pollard will form a more balanced crown but may require re-pollarding every few years.

Stump Grinding

On most occasions poisoning a stump with non toxic systemic poison is sufficient. However if the client requires the stump to be below ground level eg. for paving, turfing or simply re-planting then we have various sized stump grinders for access to any tree stump, whether through or round the property. Our grinders can grind a stump to 1ft below ground level.

Hedge Maintenance

We deal with all aspects of hedge and vine maintenance from trimming to keep them neat and tidy to totally re-forming overgrown hedges and re-training vines.

Emergency Call-Outs

If you have a situation with a tree that is urgent please call us for advice. We will send out an operative to evaluate and where possible immediately carry out works to ensure public health and safety as well as the safety to your property.

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